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Step into Daniel Boot’s diverse studio, where inspiration from nature fuels his multi-disciplinary works, embracing spontaneity and creativity.

Cumberland Studio

Cumberland Studio 2

In Corre Alice and Sue Pyper’s studio, creativity ignites: wood slabs whisper, acrylics dance, artistry blossoms in every corner.

Emily Thiessen

Emily Thiessen 3

Emily Thiessen- illustrator, muralist, and screen printer- blends restless heritage with creative mischief, honing skills from Singapore to the K’ómoks territories.

Just Drifting Art

Just Drifting Art 4

Wayne, of Métis Ancestry, as a child could always be found exploring the Natural World, near the junction of the Red and Assiniboine rivers in Manitoba. His art, mainly Freshwater Driftwood, honours Mother Nature’s creations, reflecting his roots.
All are welcome to come and visit the Electrified Driftwood Forest in his studio located in beautiful Qualicum Beach, where he is still close to the bosom of Mother Nature.

Elke River

Elke River 5

Elke River’s art reconnects us with nature’s beauty, inspired by daily forest and shoreline walks, celebrating its intricate forms and colors.

Tracy Kobus Fine Art

Tracy Kobus Fine Art 8

Tracy Kobus’ acrylic paintings give a thoughtful and imaginative perspective on the connection between humans and the natural world. Her colourful collection of prints and cards are collected world wide.

Sofie Skapski

Sofie Skapski 9

Beautiful textural paintings rendered in oils and cold wax. Sofie uses nature as her inspiration. Her studio, in its lush garden setting, is open year round by appointment.

gail Neuls

gail Neuls 10

Unique, bold paintings with breathtaking, passionate colors and style.

Helen Utsal Fine Art

Helen Utsal Fine Art 11

Helen Utsal’s award-winning art reflects her deep connection with nature, capturing its moods and vitality, showcased both internationally and locally.