gilakas’la / čɛčɛ haθɛč, We are deeply grateful for, and respectfully acknowledge that the lands upon which we and all our Central Island Artists produce their creative work are the unceded traditional territory of Puntledge, Eiksan, K’ómoks, Homalco and Tla’amin first nations, and the Te’mexw Treaty Association.

Just Drifting Art

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Wayne Paquin is of Red River Metis Ancestry: comprised of Cree Great Grandmothers and French Explorers, known together as Michif. He grew up outside of this environment but was always drawn to the Natural World, communing with the Nature Spirits. He has always been drawn to working with his hands and imagination.

It was not till later in life that he was connected to his roots, and later still, a suitable outlet for his creativity, a combination that is aptly demonstrated through his work, which consists mainly of Freshwater Driftwood, rather than that of Salt Water which is a much harsher environment.

Live Edge and other woods that have been rescued are also featured, often incorporating stained and blown glass, internal soft lighting and other artistic embellishments.

Custom work is also available upon request.


This endeavour is inspired by a desire to honour the Spirit and Beauty of one of Mother Nature’s remarkable creations, that being The Tree, to which we and all other living species on this planet are deeply indebted.

Mother Nature is the Artisan, and the task of Just Drifting is to present this to the world at large.


The first task is to choose the pieces that speak the loudest and bring them home. When dry enough to work with they are then power washed, rinsed, given a light bleaching, rinsed again, and once more left to dry, before they are sanded and all sharp edges dulled to prevent damage to caressing hands.

Care is taken not to manipulate the wood any more than necessary in order to achieve the stated objective. Once the transformation has begun and the creatures inside emerge, a name for each piece generally arrives, simply to act as a reference point as they present themselves in their own unique way for all to interpret as befits them.

As is common among many Indigenous Peoples, they are then left for a time “to be born” before being presented to the world.

In keeping with the healing nature of this endeavour, also featured is a collection of wood, metal and glass Hearts, in an attempt to bring a little light and joy in these challenging times.

You can see some of Wayne’s work in this video:

Voices 3a

Yes, with a little help

Payments Accepted:

Cash, Credit, eTransfer


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