gilakas’la / čɛčɛ haθɛč, We are deeply grateful for, and respectfully acknowledge that the lands upon which we and all our Central Island Artists produce their creative work are the unceded traditional territory of Puntledge, Eiksan, K’ómoks, Homalco and Tla’amin first nations, and the Te’mexw Treaty Association.

2024 – Artist Demonstrations

Saturday June 1st

11 AM
Fireworx Glass Studio
5333 Headquarters Rd, Courtenay
Glass Cutting and Assembling
2024 - Artist Demonstrations 1
Glass fusing technique showcased through designing and creating a large plate. Techniques include bending glass stringers. The project culminates with firing in a kiln.
Channing Holland
1462 Thunderbird Pl, Comox
2024 - Artist Demonstrations 2
A printmaking demo that utilizes household items like tetra paks and juice boxes as printing plates. Safely employ water-based inks, avoiding solvents.
Isabelle Durand
234 Quarry Park Rd, Comox
Alcohol Inks
2024 - Artist Demonstrations 3

Isabelle Durand presents an outdoor Alcohol Ink demonstration, showcasing flower creation on tile. Watch as she creates a series using diverse colors, highlighting the medium’s fluidity.

12 PM
Spirits of the West Coast Art Gallery
5333 Headquarters Rd, Courtney
2024 - Artist Demonstrations 4

Join Spirits of the West Coast Gallery to meet renowned Haida argillite carver Darrell White! Discover his carving practice and view a collection of his work, including carvings, jewelry, prints, and more.

Val Nelson Studio
228B-2270 Cliffe Ave, Courtenay
2024 - Artist Demonstrations 5
Join Val in “Aim and Let Go”: An oil painting demo revealing how drawing fosters a loose, free approach. Watch as she uses oil paint on a canvas from her Parisian travels.
1 PM
Tideline Gallery
2277 Upland Rd, Campbell River
Glass Blowing
2024 - Artist Demonstrations 6
Witness Toni Johnson from Tideline Gallery demonstrate the captivating art of glass blowing, shaping molten glass into exquisite creations.
Helen Utsal Fine Art
2426 Rosewall Cr, Courtenay
Painting Technique
2024 - Artist Demonstrations 7
Watch as Helen Utsal creates with acrylic, oil stick, cold wax, and oil paint, revealing her artistic process. Explore her use of diverse mediums and ask questions for insight into her techniques.
Silver Bowerbird Studio
234 Quarry Park Rd, Comox
Alcohol Inks
2024 - Artist Demonstrations 8
Dive into the Ocean with jellyfish, sunstars and sand dollars! Upcycle or Recycle into a funky summer painting with Margaret. All materials supplied.
2 PM
Kathi Rudko Artworks
1479 Seaview Rd, Black Creek
2024 - Artist Demonstrations 9
Explore alcohol inks, acrylic paints, and pens for whimsical still life paintings. Witness the creation of vibrant landscapes in a weekend-long session, revealing the artist’s unique process.
Nancy J. Morrison Stained Glass
2364 Rosewall Cr, Courtenay
Stained Glass
2024 - Artist Demonstrations 10
Join artist Nancy J. Morrison for an ongoing demonstration showcasing the complete process of crafting a stained glass window, from glass cutting to grinding, foiling, and soldering, offering insight into this time-honored tradition.
Maggie Ziegler Art & Design, ARTWRX STUDIO
362C 10th St, Courtenay
Fluid Acrylics
2024 - Artist Demonstrations 11
Join Maggie Zeigler for a concise demo on mixing fluid acrylics for pouring, covering paint types, mediums, and surface prep. Then, witness a specific technique applied to canvas or wood panel.

Sunday June 2nd

11 AM
863 Albion Rd, Comox
Speed Painting
2024 - Artist Demonstrations 12

In this demonstration, Corina Menz showcases how speed painting encourages a loose approach, often leading to unexpected ideas and directions.

Fabric Artisan Creations
3844 Warren Ave, Royston
Textiles / Fabric
2024 - Artist Demonstrations 13
Fabric Artisan Creations demonstrates rope basket crafting alongside other fabric-based works, showcasing materials used in production.
12 PM
Sharon Lennox
3610 Eagleview Dr, Courtenay
2024 - Artist Demonstrations 14
Sharon Lennox demonstrates and discusses scratchboard tools, showcasing stages from black and white to vibrant color. She offers board pieces for those interested in trying.
Madeleine Wood Studios
7801 Tozer Rd, Fanny Bay
Artist Talk
2024 - Artist Demonstrations 15
Join Madeleine and Don for an informal artist talk and discussion on their art practices. Discover their current projects, motivations, influences, and methodologies, followed by a Q&A session for insights into their creative journey.
1 PM
Emily Thiessen
Tin-Town Cafe- 106-2456 Rosewall Cr, Courtenay
Screen Printing
2024 - Artist Demonstrations 16
Print your own art card in a drop-in live screen printing demo with Emily from Wachiay Studio.
Wayne Paquin
742 West Ridge Way, Qualicum Beach
Artist Talk
2024 - Artist Demonstrations 17
Join artist Wayne Paquin for an insightful gallery conversation. Explore motivations behind his project and share impressions in this interactive session.
2 PM
Jan’s Glass by the Sea
2940 Comox Rd, Courtenay
Glass Work
2024 - Artist Demonstrations 18
Join Jan’s Glass by the Sea for a demo on stained glass techniques. From beginner-friendly glass and mosaic cutting to advanced methods like sandblasting and flash glass, explore various approaches in this interactive session.
Peggy Logan
5224 Gainsberg Rd, Bowser
2024 - Artist Demonstrations 19
Join Peggy Logan in her studio for an enameling demonstration, where she’ll guide you through sifting, enameling, and firing small metal works in a kiln. Learn versatile techniques applicable to jewelry, bowls, and wall plaques.
Scott Bertram
1556 Dogwood Ave, Comox
Paint Masking Reveal
2024 - Artist Demonstrations 20
Scott Bertram demonstrates his artistic process involving masking, layering and unveiling, revealing intriguing juxtapositions of past layers in his finished paintings. Witness the evolution of his work firsthand.

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