Mary McMahon Art

Mary McMahon Art 1

Mary McMahon is a BC artist. Through using different mediums & techniques she draws her inspirations from nature, lifetime experiences & self.

Christine Boyer

Christine Boyer 2

Christine Boyer’s art melds nostalgia with contemporary vision, reimagining the past to ponder evolving meanings and the essence of change.


studioDB3 3

Step into Daniel Boot’s diverse studio, where inspiration from nature fuels his multi-disciplinary works, embracing spontaneity and creativity.

Original Fine Art by Rob Kerr

Original Fine Art by Rob Kerr 4

Rob Kerr’s art journey, from kindergarten cartoons to wildlife painting, is fueled by nature’s intoxicating inspiration, weaving in joy and frustration into every piece.

Cumberland Studio

Cumberland Studio 5

In Corre Alice and Sue Pyper’s studio, creativity ignites: wood slabs whisper, acrylics dance, artistry blossoms in every corner.

Scott Bertram

Scott Bertram 6

Abstract painter Scott Bertram explores improvisation, perception dynamics, and transient form in his internationally exhibited artwork.

Albion Studio

Albion Studio 7

Corina Menz, originally from Germany, resides in Comox, Vancouver Island. Alongside her IT career, she explores various art forms, mainly acrylic painting.

Peggy Simpson Fine Art

Peggy Simpson Fine Art 8

Peggy Simpson, retired nurse, explores art in Phoenix, Arizona, and the Comox Valley, finding rejuvenation and awards in painting.

Emily Thiessen

Emily Thiessen 9

Emily Thiessen- illustrator, muralist, and screen printer- blends restless heritage with creative mischief, honing skills from Singapore to the K’ómoks territories.