SeaRamics at WhiteDog Studios

SeaRamics at WhiteDog Studios 1

Penny Eder crafts whimsical ceramic and concrete sculptures inspired by nature, showcased globally in various public and private collections.

Original Fine Art by Rob Kerr

Original Fine Art by Rob Kerr 2

Rob Kerr’s art journey, from kindergarten cartoons to wildlife painting, is fueled by nature’s intoxicating inspiration, weaving in joy and frustration into every piece.

Cumberland Studio

Cumberland Studio 3

In Corre Alice and Sue Pyper’s studio, creativity ignites: wood slabs whisper, acrylics dance, artistry blossoms in every corner.

Peggy Simpson Fine Art

Peggy Simpson Fine Art 4

Peggy Simpson, retired nurse, explores art in Phoenix, Arizona, and the Comox Valley, finding rejuvenation and awards in painting.

Just Drifting Art

Just Drifting Art 5

Wayne, of Métis Ancestry, as a child could always be found exploring the Natural World, near the junction of the Red and Assiniboine rivers in Manitoba. His art, mainly Freshwater Driftwood, honours Mother Nature’s creations, reflecting his roots.
All are welcome to come and visit the Electrified Driftwood Forest in his studio located in beautiful Qualicum Beach, where he is still close to the bosom of Mother Nature.

Isabelle Durand and Alcohol Ink

Isabelle Durand and Alcohol Ink 6

Exploring Alcohol Ink led Isabelle Durand to vibrant, emotive art. Evolving through workshops and exhibits, creating landscapes and abstracts with passion.

Sylvie Peltier Artist Studio

Sylvie Peltier Artist Studio 8

I paint abstracts and landscapes, teach acrylics, and create wearable art. Inspired by imperfection, aiming to evoke joy and beauty.

Cara Leanne Art

Cara Leanne Art 9

Cara Leanne paints bright, cheerful scenes, often incorporating hand-painted paper collage. Inspired by nature, she aims to spread joy through art.

Havers Art

Havers Art 10

After a 35-year graphic artist career, I pursue landscape painting, inspired by Canadian wilderness beauty, enjoying plein-air and studio experiences.