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Step into Daniel Boot’s diverse studio, where inspiration from nature fuels his multi-disciplinary works, embracing spontaneity and creativity.

Cumberland Studio

Cumberland Studio 2

In Corre Alice and Sue Pyper’s studio, creativity ignites: wood slabs whisper, acrylics dance, artistry blossoms in every corner.

Peggy Simpson Fine Art

Peggy Simpson Fine Art 3

Peggy Simpson, retired nurse, explores art in Phoenix, Arizona, and the Comox Valley, finding rejuvenation and awards in painting.

Isabelle Durand and Alcohol Ink

Isabelle Durand and Alcohol Ink 4

Exploring Alcohol Ink led Isabelle Durand to vibrant, emotive art. Evolving through workshops and exhibits, creating landscapes and abstracts with passion.

Sylvie Peltier Artist Studio

Sylvie Peltier Artist Studio 5

I paint abstracts and landscapes, teach acrylics, and create wearable art. Inspired by imperfection, aiming to evoke joy and beauty.

Havers Art

Havers Art 6

After a 35-year graphic artist career, I pursue landscape painting, inspired by Canadian wilderness beauty, enjoying plein-air and studio experiences.

Channing Holland and Friends

Channing Holland and Friends 7

Channing Holland, is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art with a major in Drawing and Painting. She is also also a current Studio member of the Comox Valley Printmaking Association together with her studio guest artists, Terri Stelfox, a graduate of North Island College and Emily Carr University of Art and Design and Maggie Norman, a student of North Island College Fine Arts.



Throughout my childhood and into my mid-twenties, I was a ballet dancer. That intense training of spatial awareness and interpretive questioning is still deeply stamped in my DNA. A painting to me is a kind of choreography; there’s a haptic dance that takes place from my optical experience of an image, through to the way my nervous system signals to my body how to translate and record it. As painter/dancer I tease out meaning through working and reworking, coming up to speed as I gain understanding, and making the last strikes with absolute commitment.

Sofie Skapski

Sofie Skapski 9

Beautiful textural paintings rendered in oils and cold wax. Sofie uses nature as her inspiration. Her studio, in its lush garden setting, is open year round by appointment.

Marianne Enhorning

Marianne Enhorning 10

My art emerges from a deep sense of longing for a world that is inclusive, equal and just: a world that is simple and kind.