Sofie Skapski

Sofie Skapski 1

Beautiful textural paintings rendered in oils and cold wax. Sofie uses nature as her inspiration. Her studio, in its lush garden setting, is open year round by appointment.

Marianne Enhorning

Marianne Enhorning 2

My art emerges from a deep sense of longing for a world that is inclusive, equal and just: a world that is simple and kind.

Helen Utsal Fine Art

Helen Utsal Fine Art 3

Artist Statement – Helen Utsal My paintings are an expression of how I feel in Nature. Hiking and paddling, I cherish the quiet sounds and stillness. With my camera and my painter’s mind, I mark moments, capturing imagery of light shining bright and chartreuse on stirring leaves, or fat moss… shifting reflective light on the […]

Bev Byerley Artworks

Bev Byerley Artworks 4

A passionate landscape artist in love with the west coast. I like to paint the areas where I walk and ride around my home in the Comox Valley.

Art Mates

Art Mates 5

We are a group of artists that enjoy working together and we draw inspiration from each other. Covering a wide variety of subjects, we each have our own unique style. Our work is mostly in acrylic and we feel you will enjoy our collection.