Trish Malcomess Art

Trish Malcomess Art 1

Trish explores contemporary culture through interdisciplinary art, focusing on Social and Environmental themes, blending various mediums to express resilience.

Red Thread Photography by Janice Hayward

Red Thread Photography by Janice Hayward 2

I like to photograph subjects that I feel passion for. I need to connect to what is in front of the camera. While the beach is my happy place, I have had the opportunity to travel Canada and numerous countries. If just one of my photographs stirs emotion in you then I will be overjoyed.

Maggie Ziegler Art & Design

Maggie Ziegler Art & Design 3

Maggie Ziegler: Vancouver Island artist and designer inspired by nature’s beauty, blending realism with abstract backgrounds, driven by gratitude.

Peggy Logan

Peggy Logan 4

Margaret Peggy Logan finds inspiration in nature’s colors and forms for her jewelry, enamels, and paintings, showcased internationally and locally.

Tracy Kobus Fine Art

Tracy Kobus Fine Art 5

Tracy Kobus’ acrylic paintings give a thoughtful and imaginative perspective on the connection between humans and the natural world. Her colourful collection of prints and cards are collected world wide.

Sylvie Bart Studio

Sylvie Bart Studio 6

Sylvie Bart is a Qualicum Beach painter with a passion to create and explore. Her practice follows contemporary themes using acrylic and mixed media. Her work reflects her love for nature, patterns, colors, and whimsy.

Madeleine Wood Studios

Madeleine Wood Studios 7

Madeleine Wood, MFA, magnifies her photorealist painting subjects, inviting observation and reflection to a wide audience. Don Cunningham paints bold abstracts and designs elegant woodworking projects in locally sourced wood.