Kiley Granberg Art Jewellery

Kiley Granberg Art Jewellery 1

Inspired by an early love of printmaking, Kiley Granberg crafts unique jewelry, balancing clean lines and nature’s essence, evolving her craft on her travels.

Soft Gallery Pop Up Collective

Soft Gallery Pop Up Collective 2

Soft Gallery Pop-up showcases diverse artists celebrating ecology, symbolism, and spirituality: Summer Scott, Sarah Thorneycroft, Janis Blyth, Kari Pieterse, Sue Minchin, Arleta Turnbull.

Just Drifting Art

Just Drifting Art 3

Wayne, of Métis Ancestry, as a child could always be found exploring the Natural World, near the junction of the Red and Assiniboine rivers in Manitoba. His art, mainly Freshwater Driftwood, honours Mother Nature’s creations, reflecting his roots.
All are welcome to come and visit the Electrified Driftwood Forest in his studio located in beautiful Qualicum Beach, where he is still close to the bosom of Mother Nature.

Fabric Artisan Creations

Fabric Artisan Creations 4

Fabric quilts, embroidery, home decor and custom basket making.
All items locally created in Royston with local fabrics, cotton and jute rope for baskets.
Baskets are all unique and different and custom made for every client.

Peggy Logan

Peggy Logan 5

Margaret Peggy Logan finds inspiration in nature’s colors and forms for her jewelry, enamels, and paintings, showcased internationally and locally.

Living Silver Designs

Living Silver Designs 6

Map #25 Inspired by nature. Captured in silver. Discover timeless, classy jewellery and unique metal picture art in the Living Silver Designs studio, hand created by artist Karen Griffiths. Whether you are searching for the perfect pair of earrings, or a special keepsake from the Comox Valley, you will find both here! Sand dollars, flowers, […]

North Island College

North Island College 11

Develop core skills and gain hands-on experience as you build an industry relevant portfolio that showcases your artistic talent and technical skills.  

Spirits of the West Coast Art Gallery

Spirits of the West Coast Art Gallery - Courtenay artist

Explore Comox Valley’s largest variety of authentic Northwest Coast Art and Jewelry. Enjoy original Silver and Gold Jewelry, Masks, Prints, Paddles and Carvings from local Indigenous Master Carvers.