Trish Malcomess Art

Trish Malcomess Art 1

Reflecting contemporary culture through her work, Trish’s research-based practice has evolved into two distinct streams, Social and Environmental. Resiliency within these streams is where she finds inspiration and blurs boundaries between sculpture, ceramics, drawing, photography, painting and life. As an interdisciplinary artist and conservationist, she has exhibited her work in South Africa and Canada since […]

Mabel Ceramics

Mabel Ceramics 2

Maddison is a queer 22 year old self taught ceramic artist with ASD and ADHD, coupled with MDD and social anxiety. This business is named after their emotional support dog, Mabel. When Maddison was 18, they got an itch for a constant companion and found Mabel being re-homed on Craigslist in late 2018. The two […]