Trish Malcomess Art

Trish Malcomess Art 1

Trish explores contemporary culture through interdisciplinary art, focusing on Social and Environmental themes, blending various mediums to express resilience.

Laurie Martz Art

Laurie Martz Art 2

Laurie Martz, retired doctor turned abstract painter in Comox Valley, finds solace in art, exploring landscape and intuition, with an evolving process.

Peggy Logan

Peggy Logan 3

Margaret Peggy Logan finds inspiration in nature’s colors and forms for her jewelry, enamels, and paintings, showcased internationally and locally.

Tracy Kobus Fine Art

Tracy Kobus Fine Art 4

Tracy Kobus’ acrylic paintings give a thoughtful and imaginative perspective on the connection between humans and the natural world. Her colourful collection of prints and cards are collected world wide.