In quantum mechanics, it’s said that when an object is looked at, it is changed. I think the reverse is also true. The sustained observation and rendering of things in this world stir in me a deep sense of affection for my subjects; at times I feel my eye and brush are really touching them. This feels special. This feels important. I am changed, because I look. I am changed, because I make.

Nicola North Art

Nicola North Art 2

I’ve always loved to draw, one of my earliest memories is one Christmas morning, opening up a present to find a Crayola Caddy (best present ever!!) Always detail orientated, there was never a crayon out of place 😉 Fast forward a little and I graduated university with a Graphic Design degree. In the days of […]

Peggy Logan

Peggy Logan 3

Margaret Peggy Logan Colour and the plant forms that one can find in the natural world are the largest source of ideas in my work. Seeds and pods have a particularly strong attraction because of the regenerative quality to these objects. By finding and casting plant pods, I use them as parts in the jewellery […]