Mabel Ceramics

Mabel Ceramics 1

Maddison is a queer 22 year old self taught ceramic artist with ASD and ADHD, coupled with MDD and social anxiety. This business is named after their emotional support dog, Mabel. When Maddison was 18, they got an itch for a constant companion and found Mabel being re-homed on Craigslist in late 2018. The two […]

Laurie Martz

Laurie Martz 2

I am an abstract painter in the Comox Valley which became my home after retiring in 2015 as a Vancouver family doctor. I started painting in the 90’s when I had small children, and later art became my solace in the home stretch of medical practice. It soon became a full time passion, as COVID […]

Peggy Logan

Peggy Logan 3

Margaret Peggy Logan Colour and the plant forms that one can find in the natural world are the largest source of ideas in my work. Seeds and pods have a particularly strong attraction because of the regenerative quality to these objects. By finding and casting plant pods, I use them as parts in the jewellery […]