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Sámi Ronan Craft

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Sámi Ronan Craft showcases handcrafted Sámi-inspired crafts and one-of-a-kind symbolic jewelry pieces. As artists, Alexandra and Ronan strive to create unique pieces that resonate with the wearer, with a goal of bringing the Sámi Culture and their artistic influence to a wider audience.

Alexandra discovered her connection to the Indigenous Northern Sámi people through exploring her ancestry. Alexandra’s paternal grandmother was Sámi, and she came from a strong lineage of Sámi women. Born and raised in Canada, Alexandra knew very little about her Sámi connection until she was older and became interested in researching her ancestry. Alexandra’s older brother married a Swedish woman with Sámi heritage, and it was through her guidance, along with Alex’s own research, that she learned more about the Sámi culture, and developed a true love for their craft.

“I feel honored that I have come to understand and appreciate this side of my bloodline, and I am on a personal journey to embrace my Sámi heritage more deeply”.

On her mother’s side, Alexandra also has ancestors from the Cameron Clan in the Highlands of Scotland. Her maternal great-grandmother was a master weaver, and her great grandfather was a shoemaker who excelled in the art of leather braid work. Some of the woven braid patterns she uses in her Sámi-inspired bracelets, as well as the leather braiding techniques incorporated in her bags and purses, have come from her grandfather’s patterns.

“I believe jewelry design, as an art form, should be fluid. As with art in general, designs change as new influences from other cultures and experiences enter into our awareness”. It is from this philosophy that Alexandra chooses to say her craft is Sámi – inspired. “I may design a purse for example, that has reindeer leather imported directly from the Sámi people, tin thread imported from Sweden, and hand-woven trim from an artist in the Ukraine. The purse may have a Sámi feel, but it has embodied other cultural influences. I custom make each design using only the highest quality raw materials, and I put a lot of thought and attention to detail in all my creations”.

Ronan was born in British Columbia, Canada, and became passionate about pursuing the craft of Silversmithing several years ago. He has recently partnered with Alexandra to create “Sámi Ronan Craft”.

Ronan has always been drawn to metaphysical healing and this interest is expressed through symbolism in many of the designs he creates. Alexandra and Ronan will often collaborate on a design to bring it to life, creating a one-of-a-kind unique and beautiful pendant or earring set. Many of the symbols Ronan incorporates in his craft have been drawn from Sámi drums, Rune stones, healing arts such as Reiki, and old manuscripts.

Each piece has been handcrafted with positive intention and care to detail.

Alexandra and Ronan create and live their art in their home by the ocean on British Columbia’s West Coast, on Vancouver Island, Canada. All of our designs are handcrafted in our workshop and we welcome folks to visit us and browse our home studio.

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