gilakas’la / čɛčɛ haθɛč, We are deeply grateful for, and respectfully acknowledge that the lands upon which we and all our Central Island Artists produce their creative work are the unceded traditional territory of Puntledge, Eiksan, K’ómoks, Homalco and Tla’amin first nations, and the Te’mexw Treaty Association.

Happy Painters

Map #42
The Happy Painters are … well, Happy for the most part! If you show up in a grump, within 3 minutes of arriving you should be pretty jolly and ready to paint.

This group has been around, in various incarnations, since the Dawn of Time, well maybe not quite that long. We get together once a week and Paint, drink coffee. We solve the World’s problems and let me tell you, we have been busy !! We listen to music, (no one has suggested Swedish Death Metal yet ) and create. Acrylics and Oils and Watercolors.

Yes I did do a Paint by numbers when I first joined (I hadn’t painted since High School). We share knowledge with each other , we laugh and we keep painting (even when Barbara sings?)
At the end of the day, we’re just The Happy Painters!

Artists Who Are Part of the Happy Painters Group

Maxine Horner – Petra Herselman – Bonnie Pledger – Barbara Steger – Doris McLaughlin – Carol Erskine – Blaza Edwards – Katie Dorans – Linda Hamilton – Karen Beasley – Elly Boer

Yes, fully accessible

Payments Accepted:

Cash, Credit


Call ahead for appt.
Map #: 42


(250) 941-4994


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